Les Liaisons Dangereuses - The Huntington Theater, Boston, MA

Winner - Best Costume Design - Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Awards

Dress For Excess” was a featured article in the Boston Globe about Erin and her designs for Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the Huntington Theatre in Boston. To view the full article, scroll down. 

“Daniel Goldstein’s stylish, sexy production of Christopher Hampton’s play “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” has more on its mind than style and sex…with a Chanel logo here, a Lagerfeld boot there, and broadly American accents all over the place, Goldstein and his team make sure we see the parallels between decadent 18th-century French aristocrats and those closer to our own lives….The costumes [are] brilliantly conceived by newcomer Erin Olson.” – The Boston Globe

“The Huntington Theater Company’s opulent revival…mixes period with contemporary razzle-dazzle. Erin Olson’s costumes stuff pinstriped Karl Lagerfeld inspirations into high boots and bolster Vivienne Westwood with 18th-century panniers...It’s all very striking.” –The Boston Phoenix

Erin Olson’s splendid costumes appropriate haute style from a variety of periods.” –Variety

“The kind of production the Huntington has become known for over the years, with a dazzling set and arresting and sumptuous costumes…Erin Olson’s costumes epitomize the cross-temporal collisions playwright Hampton and director Goldstein have emphasized, borrowing equally from Watteau and Fragonard on the one hand and from Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and even Frederick’s of Hollywood on the other.” – The Patriot Ledger

“The highlight of the evening is clearly Erin Olson’s elegant costumes, which are rooted in the 18th century with contemporary flair.” –The Standard Times

Erin Olson’s inspired and detailed costumes add unspoken layers of personality to each character.” –

Miss Julie - Yale Repertory Theater, New Haven, CT

"Erin Olson’s costumes and Blyth Pittman's lighting add to the mad, desperate and dreamy world hidden just below the surface." -Variety

"Miss Julie descends, dressed in jodhpurs and a burgundy blouse by Erin Olson, whose costumes define the class system that figures so importantly in the play." -Hartford Courant

The Servant of Two Masters - The Pittsburgh Public Theater

"Erin Olson’s humorous and attractive period costumes make use of a full spectrum of Crayola colors. They also serve as a guide to how fate intends to pair the lovers." -Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Goldstein has done a wonderful job in creating the commedia feel, with able help from Erin Olson’s colorful costumes." -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The design team of Lee Savage, Erin Olson, Scott Nelson and Bridgett O'Connor have created a bright, funny world in which this blissfully talented cast works their magic." -Pittsburgh City Paper

"The Servant of Two Masters remains memorable for its color-saturated sets and costumes. Lee Savage's bright turquoise, two-story, slightly off-kilter colonnaded set ...was the perfect backdrop for Erin Olson’s humorous and attractive Crayola-colored period costumes." -